Anastrazole is sold under the brand name Anabrez which evacuate its activity by prohibiting Aromatase enzyme Anabrez is belongs to non-steroidal Aromatase inhibitor. Anabrez which indicated to diminshes the estrogen formation by preventing Aromatase, an enzyme responsible for transformation of androgen into estrogen Anabrez tablet is a prescription drug which is used under the supervission of medical oncologist .

Anabrez Indication

First line therapy:
Anabrez is used for the treatment of first line therapy in post menopausal women who are acquire positive receptor or hormone receptor locally progressive or metastatic breast carcinoma
Second line therapy:
Anabrez is used for the treatment of second line therapy in patients possess advanced breast cancer, in post menopausal women with cancer development consequently tamoxifen therapy. The drug also used for the treatment of Patients with hormone receptor negative disorder or patient who are not reacting to tamoxifen treatment periodically reacted to Anabrez tablets.

Dosage & Administration

The normal dose of Anabrez tablet is given 1mg should be administered as a single dose by taken with or without food In renal impairment patients or for elderly patients no dose adjustments required in mild to moderate hepatic impairment condition no dose adjustment takes place . Anabrez should be maintained until disease improvement In the condition of metastatic breast cancer, Anabrez should be followed for five years in ATAC trials



The time to maximum plasma concentration reaches within 2 hours. Anabrez tablet administrating with food will reduce the rate but not all the time of anastrazole absorption


The bounding of human plasma protein is Anabrez is occurred at 40%


The Anabrez tablet metabolism is arising through; N-Dealkylation, hydroxylation and Glucuronidation The metabolites of anastrazole are;
• A glucoronide conjugate of hydroxyl anastrazole
• A glucoronide conjugate of anastrazole
• Triazole-major circulating metabolite which has poor pharmacological activity


Anastrazole eliminated in feces and urine of Nearly 85% In Renal metabolism: 10% total clearance Anabrez tablet half life period is 50 hours

Anabrez Pharmacology

Mechanism of action :
Anastrazole essentially inhibits Aromatase, that is an enzyme included in converting of circulating estrogen to estrone through adrenally advanced androstenedione by Aromatase in peripheral tissues Hence the prevention of Aromatase leads to reduce in serum and tumor aggregation of estrogen, successive to reduce malignant lump or passive improvement of cancer development.

Drug Interaction

If not concomitant use in Estrogen therapy with Anabrez tablet which may cause depletion of its pharmacological activity Warfarin interaction with anastrazole, it did not alter the anti-coagulant effect While concomitant use of tamoxifen with Anabrez leads to reduce the serum concentration of anastrazole by 27% it concluded as CYP-450 prohibition , the drug Anastrazole will chance the effect of other drugs

Side effects

Blood related effects: Lymph edema, anemia
Metabolism: Peripheral edema, weight gain, hypercholesterolemia
Musculoskeletal: Arthritis, arthralgia, osteoporosis, fracture, bone pain, arthrosis, joint pain, Myalgia
Nervous: Depression, insomnia, dizziness, anxiety, paresthesia
Respiratory:Pharyngitis, cough increased, dyspnea, sinusitis, bronchitis
Skin: Rashes, sweating.
Whole body: headache , pain, back pain, , abdominal pain, infection, injury, flu like syndrome, chest pain, Asthenia, neoplasm, cyst
Cardiovascular: Vasodilatation, hypertension
Digestive: Nausea, constipation, diarrhea, dyspepsia, GI disorders
Eye: Cataract specified
Urogenital: vaginitis , vulvovaginitis , Leucorrhea, urinary tract infection, breast pain, breast neoplasm, , vaginal hemorrhage,


Anabrez tablets may arises the plasma cholesterol range corresponds to the patient getting tamoxifen
In ischemic cardiovascular action:
There is a chance of high proportion of ischemic cardiovascular effects while administrating Anabrez tablets. Anabrez treatment getting patients may have chance to produce diminish in total hip bone mineral density and lumbar spine density.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Pregnancy category of anastrazole: X For pregnant women or women who are become pregnant and breast feeding mothers, Anabrez tablets should not be recommended If administrating the Anabrez tablets in pregnancy condition, it may affect to fetal harm even to death


stored at between 20oC to 25oC (68oF to 77oF) controlled room temperature Protect the carton away from heat, moisture, and light

Missed Dose

If patient who are missed to take the dose of Anabrez, should consult doctor as soon as possible. Anabrez is a single dose therapy

Missed Dose

Or the missed dose should be skipped and follow the next dosing schedule. Do not take double time a day

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