Apalutamide is a generic form of brand name Erleada 60mg
Erleada 60mg is belongs to a novel hormone therapy, especially known as an anti-androgen or an androgen receptor inhibitor. Androgens (such as testosterone) join with these receptors to help for growth of these cells.
Erleada 60mg is a prescription medicine used under the guidance of medical practioners and it is unknown if ERLEADA is safe or persuasive in children.


Erleada is an androgen receptor inhibitor isused for the treatment in patients with nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (NM-CRPC)


• Erleada recommended dose for adult is 240mg administrated four tablets containing 60mg given orally once daily.
• The whole tablet should be swallow
• Erleada tablet can be consume with or without food
• Along with Apalutamide the patients should also receive a gonadotropin-releasing hormone(GnRH) associated concurrently or should have had a bilateral orchiectomy
• While patients have ≥ grade 3 toxicity or intolerable side effect then dosage modification should have needed
• Wait dosing until symptoms improve to ≤Grade 1 or original grade, after that proceed at the same dose or a decreased dose (180 mg or 120 mg), if warranted

Mechanism Of Action

Apalutamide is an Androgen receptor (AR) inhibitor
Androgen indicating inhibitors prevents the ability of the receptors to link with the androgens. By doing so, this promotes decrease in the ability of the prostate cancer cells to develop and multiply.
Apalutamide also prohibit the androgens from working within the prostate cancer cells and can finally lead to cancer cell death.


Time to peak plasma concentration is 2hr and peak plasma concentration is 6mcg/mL and 5.9mcg/mL and steady-state achieved is 4 weeks
Bounding of plasma protein of Apalutamide is 96% and N-desmethyl Apalutamide
Mainly the drug metabolized by CYP2C8 for the formation of N-desmethyl Apalutamide
Apalutamide eliminatedthrough urine 65% and feces 24% Half-life is 3 days


Falls and fractures:
While using Erleada 60mg tablets will causes falls and fractures, patients should evaluate for risk and monitor and manage patients at risk for fractures along with established treatment guidelines.
Erleada 60mg may causes seizures then permanently discontinue if seizure occurs during treatment. Hence advise patients about developing risk due to seizure, it may lead to sudden loss of memory while engaging in activities.

Drug interaction

Erleada 60mginteraction with strong CYP2C8 or CYP3A4 inhibitor is determined to have high the steady state exposure of the active molecule.
Erleada 60mginteraction with primarily metabolized by CYP3A4, CYP2C19 or CYP2C9 can reported in reduce exposure to these medications


The drug is not indicated for females and there is no data regarding using during pregnancy, based on its pharmacological action, Erleada will cause harm to fetal and probably loss of pregnancy

Side Effects

Erleada has caused some side effect but most people will not affect all the side effect listed :
The drugs Common side effects which occurring in greater than 30% are;
Fatigue, Low blood counts, High level of Cholesterol and triglycerides , Blood sugar level increased, Potassium levels increased, Less common side effects occurring in 10-29%, Increased blood pressure, Dizziness/falling, Thyroid dysfunction , Muscle weakness, Joint pain, loss of appetite, Falls, Fractures, Weight loss, Diarrhea, Nausea, Peripheral edema , Hot flashes, Skin rash.

Missed Dose

If dose is missed, then take the dose as soon as possible before reach of next dose time or skip the missed dose and follow the normal schedule. Do not have extra dose which leads to over dosage.
Consult the doctor about missed dose and overdose.


Erleada is not indicated for female patients.


Store in its original container. Store the drug at 200C to 250C.


Erleada is contraindicated in pregnant women because it will lead risk to fetal and probably loss of pregnancy

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