Lenalid - 5mg

Lenalid 5mg clinical uses

The primary uses of Lenalid 5mg capsules are;
Multiple myeloma
Lenalid 5mg is involved in the therapy of multiple myeloma by combining with dexamethasone.
Lenalid 5mg is shown as upkeep treatment in patients with MM following autologous hematopoietic immature microorganism transplantation (auto-HSCT).
Mantle cell lymphoma: Lenalid 5mg is used for this condition in patients who are already receiving Bortezomib therapy priory.

How Lenalid 5mg works in a body

Lenalid 5mg involves in the inhibition of tumor necrosis factor alpha formation, which encourage the T-cells and causes diminishing serum levels of cytokines vascular endothelial growth factor & basic fibroblast growth factor.Lenalid 5mg is also involved in the prohibition of angiogenesis. Lenalidomide is also encouraged G1 cell cycle arrest & apoptosis of destructive cells.

Lenalid 5mg therapeutically classified as

Lenalid 5mg consisting Lenalidomide has various activities; 1. Immuno modulatory agent
2. Anti-angiogenesis agent
3. Anti-neoplastic agent

Describes as

The Lenalid 5mg capsules are containing an active substance known as Lenalidomide which is an analogue of thalidomide with potent anti-neoplastic activity.

Lenalid 5mg dosage

The usual dose of Lenalid 5mg in myelodysplastic syndromes is 10mg should be administered as once a day.
For renal damaged patients;
Patients with CrCl >60ml/min should not require dosage adjustment.Patients with CrCl 30 to 60ml/min, 5mg of Lenalid 5mg should be administered as once a day. Patient with CrCl <30ml/min, 2.5mg of Lenalid 5mg should be given orally as a once a day.
Dosage alteration;
Drops to <50000/mcL, therapy should be postponed. Back to > or equal to 50000/mcL, continue the Lenalid 5mg with 5mg/day.
Drops to <500/mcL, therapy should be postponed. Back to > or equal to 500/mcL, treatment should be continue to 5mg/day.

How the body works for Lenalid 5mg

The absorption of Lenalidomide is occurs very quickly and reaches maximum plasma concentration with the range of 0.5 to 6 hours. The human plasma protein binding capacity of Lenalidomide is occurs by 30%. The metabolism of Lenalidomide is undergoes in limited events. In humans, the unchanged form of Lenalidomide is the most dominant circulating component. Two major metabolite of Lenalid 5mg; 5 hydroxy Lenalidomide N-acetyl Lenalidomide Nearly 90% & 4% of dose should be eliminated via urine & feces. This may occurs within 10 days. 82% of radioactive dose of Lenalidomide should be eliminated via urine within 24 hours. The mean half life period of Lenalid 5mg is 3 to 5 hours in multiple myeloma patients.

Multiple myeloma

In this condition, Lenalid 5mg is combined with dexamethasone. The prescribed dose of Lenalid 5mg is 25mg should be administered as once daily on day 1 to 21. The dose of dexamethasone; 40mg of dexamethasone should be followed on day 1 to 4, 9 to 12 & 17 to 20 of each 28 day cycles. Patient with >75 years, 20mg of dexamethasone should be recommended on day 1, 8, 15, & 22.

Mantle cell lymphoma

The advised dose of Lenalid 5mg for this condition is 25mg should be administered orally as once daily. For renal damaged patients; CrCl 30 to 60ml/min, 10mg of Lenalid 5mg should be administered as once daily. CrCl <30ml/min, 15mg of Lenalid 5mg should be used for q48hr. Pediatrics; The potency & effectiveness of Lenalidomide has not been evaluated in pediatric patients with age of <18 years

Lenalid 5mg interacts with

Lenalid 5mg with digoxin causes elevation of both Cmax & AUCinf of digoxin. Avoid this concomitant use. Patients should be monitored with digoxin plasma levels. Lenalid 5mg with Erythropoietic agents causes increased exposure of thrombosis. Patient should be counseled before starting the treatment about the risk benefit of these combinations. In multiple myeloma condition, Lenalid 5mg is combining with warfarin. In this condition both prothrombin time & INR value should be monitored periodically.


Lenalid 5mg capsules container should be stored at temperature of 20oC to 25oC. Keep the container away from heat, moisture, & light.

Avoid missed dose

In case of missed dose occurs, patient must be consult with medical oncologist and follow the regular schedule. The over dosage of Lenalid 5mg is treated by providing some general supportive measures. The manifestation due to over dosage of Lenalid 5mg should be monitored frequently The over dosage of Lenalid 5mg caused neutropenia & thrombocytopenia Monitor the blood counts periodically.

Lenalid 5mg undesirable effects

Adverse effects;
Fetal toxicity, Hematological toxicity, Elevation of mortality rate, Second primary malignancies, Liver toxicity, Hypersensitivity reactions, Tumor lysis syndrome, Tumor flare reactions, Thyroid disorders.
Common side effects;
Fatigue, Asthenia, Pyrexia, Pain, Diarrhea, Dyspepsia, Bone pain, Neck pain, Muscle weakness, pain, Respiratory infections, UTI, Influenza, Sepsis, Headache, Anemia, Loss of appetite, Hypokalemia, Hyperglycemia, Hypocalcaemia, Dehydration, Gout, Diabetes mellitus, Rash, Insomnia, Depression, Deep vein thrombosis, Myocardial infraction, Renal failure, Squamous cell carcinoma, Basal cell carcinoma.

Warning should be given for patient taking Lenalid 5mg capsules

Lenalid 5mg do not take at pregnancy period, it causes fetal harm and leads to embryo fetal toxicity concludes as death.
Use effective contraceptives during Lenalid 5mg therapy for avoiding become pregnant.
Frequent blood cells count should be performed by undergoing CBCs.
Blood clotting is the major risk factor occurs during the therapy of Lenalidomide.
Clotting may occurs mostly in arms, legs & lungs, this may concludes as heart attack & sometimes stroke also occurs.
The most dominant warning signs of Lenalidomide
Embryo fetal damage
Venous & arterial thromboembolism

Pregnancy & lactation

Lenalid 5mg should not be used in pregnancy period Lenalid 5mg causes fetal damage and finally leads to death Breast feeding should not be suggested.

contraindicated to

Lenalid 5mg is contraindicated to pregnancy & lactating period. Anaphylactic reactions are produced because patients are contraindicated to the component of Lenalid 5mg.

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