Tagrisso 40mg (osimertinib) tablet is an anticancer drug that inhibits the growth and spread of cancer cells in the body.
Tagrisso 40mg tablet treatment is used after other cancer drugs have not been success. Its indicated for type of non-small cell lung cancer.


Tagrisso 40mg tablet is mainly indicated for the treatment of non-small lung cancer by first line treatment.

Dosage & Administration

Tagrisso tablet mainly indicated for non-small cell lung cancer, its first line treatment and dose prescribed is 80mg po per day. This dose can be continuing till disease progression and unsusceptible toxicity.
Oral route is given, should be swallowed not to be chewed
Tagrisso tablet may be given with or without food at the same time ever day.
If over dosage occurs: Tagrisso 40mg tablet has no specific over dosage, it should follow supportive and treat symptomatically.

Mechanism Of Action

Tagrisso 40 mg tablet is a cancer medication which inhibits the growth and development of cancer cell and Tagrisso 40mg tablet is also a Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor (TKI). Which irreversible interferes with the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptors (EGFRs) suppress sensitizing-mutations (EGFRm) and TKI-resistance mutation T790M.


peak plasma concentration duration is 6hr
plasma protein is 95% and volume of distribution is 918L
The metabolic pathway is oxidation and dealkylation and osimertinib are metabolites by AZ7550 and AZ5104.
Excreted through 68% in feces and 14% urine. Half-life elimination is 48hr and clearance is 14.3L/hr


Care To Be Taken :
Allergic condition against Tagrisso 40mg tablet or any other medication inform your doctor.
Regarding your past medical drug used which include in prescription, nonprescription, vitamins & supplements, nutritional products just inform the doctor.
If you had long QT syndrome, irregular heartbeat, heart failure, low in Na, K, Ca or Mg in your blood, eye problem and lung disease, inform the doctor.
Avoid use of Tagrisso 40mg tablet if you are pregnant. It will harm the baby unborn, while using Tagrisso 40mg tablet use correct birth control to prevent pregnancy and for at least 2 weeks after your treatment ends. Tagrisso 40mg tablet may affect the ability to have children in women. Inform your doctor if you planning to pregnant.

Drug Interaction

Tagrisso 40mg tablet + strong CYP3A4 inducer → decrease the exposure of Osimertinib
Tagrisso 40mg tablet +itraconazole (strong CYP3A4 inhibitor) → increase Osimertinib plasma concentration
Interaction with omeprazole leads to effect of gastric acid reducing
Rosuvastatin with Tagrisso 40mg tablet will altered the plasma concentration.


There are no or insufficient data from the use of Tagrisso 40mg in pregnant women. In animals have shown reproductive toxicity, due to the side effects and pre clinical data the drug will cause harm to fetal when administered to a pregnant woman. Tagrisso 40mg is not recommended during pregnancy and in women of childbearing ability have not using contraception.

Tagrisso Side Effects

If any side effect caused by Tagrisso 40mg tablet, inform your doctor of the symptoms like Back ache; constipation; rash and itching; diarrhea; dry or cracking skin; eczema; decrease in appetite; vomiting and nausea. Serious effects: fast or pounding heartbeat, dyspnea, swelling of ankles or feet, feeling lightheaded, chest pain, extreme tiredness.


Store below 300C
Tagrisso 40mg Shell life is 24 months
Store in a tight container, protected from sunlight and freezing
Keep it in children resistance
Use before the expiry date of the medicine
Discuss with your healthcare professional that how to dispose the drug.


It is unknown whether Tagrisso 40mg tablet passes into breast milk avoid breast-feed while on Tagrisso 40mgtreatment.

Missed Dose

Do not miss a single dose, If it happens then take it immediately before the next dose time reaches . Be careful do not take extra dose at same time and taking missed dose within 12hrs of the next dose should be avoided. Please consult with doctor.


Tagrisso 40mg tablet is a contraindicated to hypersensitivity of its products

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