Pomalex 4mg


Pomalex 4mg is therapeutically categorized as an anti-neoplastic agent, which is active in multiple myeloma condition.
Pomalex 4mg capsules are used by the patients who are having a prescription specify by practiced medical oncologist.
Pomalex 4mg capsules are indicated in the patients who are already receiving Lenalidomide & proteasome inhibitors.
Pomalex 4mg capsules are endorsed by FDA and which is applicable as orally bioavailable.
Pomalex 4mg contains Pomalidomide which is act as anti-cancer agent.
Pomalidomide is a thalidomide analogue with efficient activities like;
Anti-angiogenesis, Immuno modulatory & anti-neoplastic activity
Pomalex 4mg capsules are available in various strengths like 1mg, 2mg, and 4mg.


The therapeutic indication of Pomalex 4mg is involved in condition like Multiple myeloma.
In this condition, Pomalex 4mg is utilized by consolidating with dexamethasone.
Pomalex 4mg cases are relevant in;
Patients formerly regarded with two treatments, for example, proteasome inhibitor and Lenalidomide.
Patients who are endured with illness movement condition
Pomalex 4mg treatment ought to be taken after inside 60 days in patients who are finished up the last treatment.

Dosage and administration

The most common indication of Pomalex is involved in the treatment of Multiple Myeloma condition.
The usual advised dose of Pomalex is 4mg tablet should be administered orally as once a day for cycles of 1 to 21 days for ensuing 28-day cycles.
During this treatment, Pomalex should be combinedly used with low dose of dexamethasone.
Dexamethasone should be administered on day 1, 8, 15 & 22 of every 28 days cycles.
The recommended dose of dexamethasone;
Higher than 75kg: The advised dose of dexamethasone is 20mg.
Dosage variation should be undergone during Pomalex treatment due to some hematological problems;
In Neutropenia condition;
ANC <500/mcL: The Pomalex treatment should be postponed and check the CBC weekly.
ANC ≥ 500/mcL: The Pomalex therapy should be continued by 3mg/day
For each successive drop <500/mcL: The Pomalex treatment should be postponed.
ANC ≥ 500/mcL: Promote the Pomalex therapy with 1mg/day.
Platelets count <25000/mcL: The Pomalex therapy should be postponed and check CBC
Platelets count ≥50000/mcL: The Pomalex treatment should be taken daily as 3mg/day.
Concomitant use of CYP1A2 with Pomalex;
In case of combination of Pomalex with CYP1A2 causes increasing the plasma concentration of Pomalidomide and leads to cause increased adverse effects.
In this condition, reduce the dose of Pomalex.
In hepatic damaged patients;
Mild to moderate hepatic damage: The prescribed dose is 3mg of Pomalex should be taken.
Severe liver damage: The prescribed dose is 2mg of Pomalex should be taken.
In renal damaged patients;
In severe renal damage condition, the suggested dose is 3mg per day.

Mechanism Of Action

Pomalidomide has three noteworthy pharmacological exercises against tumor cells.
Pomalidomide includes in impeding the malignancy duplication and creates the apoptosis of disease cells.
Pomalidomide increase the T cell and natural killer cells interceding insusceptibility and forbid the development of professional provocative cytokines from monocytes.
Pomalidomide obstructs the new cell development. The official of Pomalidomide to dynamic site of focused cell causes restriction of ubiquitin ligase activity.


Pomalex 4mg peak plasma concentration time: 2 to 3 hours
Pomalex 4mg capsules should be administered with or without food.
Apparent volume of distribution 62 & 138L
Human plasma protein binding capacity is 12% & 44%.
Metabolism initiated by CYP1A2 & CYP3A4.
Clearance value 7 to 10L/hr.
Elimination occurs through feces & urine by 18% & 73%.
The unchanged form of Pomalex 4mg should be excreted via urine & feces by 2% & 8%.
Half-life period of Pomalex 4mg is 9.5 hours.


During Pomalex 4mg treatment, patients should be very cautiously taking the doses.
Two major life-threatening conditions are occurred at the time of therapy;
Venous & arterial thromboembolism:
Embryo fetal damage: To avoid such conditions, patient should be taken some precautions like;
Embryo fetal toxicity; Pomalex 4mg should not be used during pregnancy period.
It comes under the category of X; may causes fetal toxic & leads to death.
Use some special contraceptive techniques for preventing pregnant during the treatment.
Pomalex 4mg may causes Teratogenicity, organogenesis & this may conclude as fetal damage.
Venous & arterial thromboembolism; Deep vein thrombosis is the one of the major exposures occurs during the therapy of Pomalex 4mg.
To overcome the problem, thromboprophylaxis is initiated.
In case of combination of pembrolizumab with thalidomide analogues & dexamethasone causes increasing rate of mortality.
Especially in multiple myeloma adverse condition, this pembrolizumab with dexamethasone causes death rate in higher levels.
Hematological toxicity:
The most common hematological disorders are neutropenia, & thrombocytopenia which may occurs during the treatment using with Pomalex 4mg.
Reduce this type of effect by undergoing CBC counts frequently and monitor the patient’s manifestation due to this adverse.
Hepatic toxicity;
Hepatic associated adverse effects are mostly produced by elevation of hepatic enzymes levels.
This may lead to severe hepatic failure.
This condition may overcome by monitoring the patients hepatic function test regularly.
These neurological problems are produces during the Pomalex 4mg treatment by combining with dexamethasone.
The therapy should be postponed for some period like, toxicity grade alters to 0.
Second primary malignancies are most probably occurred in the patients who are receiving Pomalex 4mg capsules.
Tumor lysis syndrome;
During this adverse condition, Pomalex 4mg therapy should be interrupt and follow the general supportive measures for the patients. Then the signs & symptoms occur due to this TLS should be monitored.

Drug Interaction

The concomitant use of Pomalex 4mg with CYP1A2 potent inhibitors like Fluvoxamine which will lead to elevate the plasma concentration of Pomalidomide and increases the adverse effects related to the pomalidomide.
Stop the condition by reducing the Pomalex 4mg dosage.


Pregnancy category of Pomalex 4mg is categorized as X
X means causes fetal damage during the Pomalex 4mg treatment.
Pomalex 4mg causes embryo fetal damage.


Breast feeding should not be recommended.


The potency & effectiveness of Pomalex 4mg should not be evaluated.


Dose change of Pomalex 4mg ought not to be suggested.
Geriatric patients with time of over 65 years ought to be knowledgeable about pneumonia.

Missed Dose

If a dose is missed, then have the drug immediately before the next dose times arrives or skip the missed dose and follow regular schedule. Avoid two doses taking, consult with doctor.


Pomalex 4mg capsules container should be keep in a temperature of 20oC to 25oC.
Do not store the container in light
Protect from moisture & heat.


Pomalex 4mg is contraindicated to pregnant women.
Some anaphylactic reactions are occurring because patients are contraindicated to the component in the Pomalex 4mg capsules.

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