Soranib is sold under the trade name of sorafenib. sorafenib is belongs to the group of tyrosine kinase inhibitor, or angiogenesis inhibitor. Soranib is a targeted treatment which is used only under the knowledge of medical oncologist. Soranib tablets may prohibits the cell growth. Soranib is a prescription drug.


Soranib is a chemotherapeutic drug used to treat hepatocellular carcinoma, renal cell carcinoma, differentiated thyroid cancer(liver,kidney,thyroid)

Dosage & Administration

Soranib is a tablet form. Route of administration is through mouth
Duration : 2 times per a day without food
Recommended dose in adults: 400mg( 2 tablet of 200mg) BD


Absorption :
The time to peak plasma level is 3 hours. It administrated without food. bioavailability is 38-49%.
human serum protein binding is 99.5%
Soranib metabolized in liver by CYP3A4 and undergo oxidative metabolism and in glucuronidation by UGT1A9.
In oral administration the drug Excreted within 14 days of 96% dose and the drug eliminated via urine 19% as glucuronidated. and feces 77% .

Mechanism Of Action

Soranib inhibits the cell surface and intracellular kinase to reduces the growth of tumor cells. Soranib is a protein tyrosine kinase is a type of biological treatment. The kinase which work as chemical messenger and This enzyme enhances the cancer cells growth. It is also called as multi kinase inhibitor, since it stop most of the protein kinase. Action carried out by two way ,it will bind with the protein which normally help to grow tumor cells and other way it helps to block cancer cells forming from new blood vessels.

Drug Interaction

• Interaction of Soranib with carbamazepine + dexamethasone + Phenobarbital + phenytoin + rifamipicin leads to reduce in sorafenib plasma concentration.
• Interaction of Soranib with with doxorubicin and irinotecan will cause plasma concentration increase.


If you have any allergies to medicines, you should inform your consultant before using Soranib and beware of prescription or over-the-counter medicinces you are currently taking must be informed to doctor.
If you have high blood pressure, bleeding problems, chest pain, heart problems, kidney problems ( not a kidney cancer), or liver disease. sorafenib is not a suitable treatment. Check with your consultant if you have any of these disease.
Sorefenib can reduce fertility growth in pregnancy women, so consult your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, breast-feeding.

Pregnancy and lactation

Pregnancy category: D Soranib is not used for pregnant women or women who become pregnant. Soranib causes Teratogenecity and fetal harm. During Lactation, avoid taking Soranib tablet. The drug is not recommended for breast feeding mother.

Side Effects

Common effects:
Erythema, Athralgia, Loss of weight,, Paresthesia, Dysesthesia, Weakness, Feeling tired, Diarrhea, Constipation.
Severe effects:
Bleeding irregular, Black stools, Red blood in stools, Vertigo, Nausea and vomiting, Dyspnea, Redness, pain,swelling, blisters on the foot and hands, Mouth ulcer, Dark urine, Jaundice, Pain in chest, Stomach ache.


The storage condition of Tablet Soranib should be at 25oC (77oF); excursion are allowed between 15oC and 30oC (59oF and 86oF) Protect from moisture, heat and light

Missed Dose

If patient missed to take Soranib tablet, then take the drug as you remember soon, Otherwise the missed dose should be skipped and follow the next dosing schedule. Do not double the dose. Please consult doctor regarding missed dose.

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