Tamtero - 10mg


Tamtero 10mg is a film coated tablet which belongs to nonsteroidal antiestrogen and work as modulators with tissue selective activities for the treatment.
Tamtero 10mg the drug will help to prevent of estrogen receptor positive cancer.
Tamtero 10mg is also known as stimulating agent (estrogen) in metabolism of cholesterol, bone density, and cell replication in the endometrium.


Tamtero 10mg is used to treat of initial breast cancer in women whose been treated with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.
Tamtero 10mg is used to reduce the risk of developing a more serious type of breast cancer in women who had before breast cancer which will not spread outside the milk duct where it forms known as ductal carcinoma.

Dosage and administration

For breast cancer in adult usual dose is 20 to 40mg for 5 years daily administer orally; doses > 20mg given by dividing dose (morning and evening)
Surgery and radiation on breast after DCIS: 20mg 5 years daily given orally.
To reduce the action of breast cancer in women at increased breast cancer risk: 20mg 5 years daily given orally
For adjuvant breast cancer used in adult dose: 20mg OD orally or 10mg twice daily orally
Duration: 5 years
Pediatric dose for girls 2 to 10 years
McCune- Albright syndrome
20mg once in a day through oral route and the duration up to 12 months
Precocious Puberty
20mg once in a day through oral route and the duration up to 12 months.

Mechanism Of Action

Tamtero belongs to nonsteroidal agent which joined to estrogen receptors (ER), generate a conformational alters in the receptor. This result will inhibit in the verbalization of estrogen dependent genes. Bond of Tamtero is continued to the nuclear chromatin of these outcome will reduce DNA polymerase action, damage thymidine discharge and restraint of estradiol uptake, thereby decrease estrogen response. Tamtero acceptable which combine with other co activators or corepressors in the tissue and link with different estrogen receptors


Time to high plasma concentration is 40mg/ml and Tmax is 5 hours after dosing.
Not available
In hepatic Tamtero metabolized
Route of elimination is fecal about 30% and 65% was excreted from the body. Half-life is 5 to 7 days


• Consult with the doctor or pharmacist about allergic condition against Tamtero 10mg or any of the compound in Tamoxifen tablets.
• Consult with the healthcare providers that you have or have ever had renal, hepatic, or cardiac problem
• Consult with the doctor that are you pregnant or plan to become pregnant. The planning of children should avoid while on treatment with Tamtero 10mg. You should use a specific trick of conceiving to inhibit pregnancy in yourself or your partner during your treatment with Tamtero 10mg the drug will harm the fetus.
• Do not breast feed while on Tamtero 10mg treatment.
• Beware with initial breast cancer signs hence during treatment with tamoxifen aware about growth of breast cancer.

Drug Interaction

Interaction of Tamtero 10mg with coumarin type anticoagulants combination will leads to increase in anticoagulant effects may occur. Bromocriptine treatment interaction with Tamtero 10mg will increases the serum Tamtero 10mg and N-desmethyl tamoxifen.

Side Effects

• High tumor pain
• Tumor site forming reddening
• Hot flashes
• Dizziness
• Hair thinning
• Weight loss
• Stomach pains
• Sexual ability lost.
Some side effects may be serious as follows, immediately inform the doctor :
• Decreased appetite
• Vision problems
• Fever
• Blisters
• Thirst
• muscle weakness
• restlessness
• abscess on the eyes, face, lips, tongue, throat, ankles or lower legs

Missed Dose

consume the dose suddenly before next dose duration
Next dose time reaches then left off the missed dose and continues regular schedule.
Avoid taking double dose at same time.
Please consult the doctor for further information.


If dose became high then, call the poison control helpline or patient collapsed, cause seizure, had breathing trouble, immediately call the doctor.


Keep in a closed container at room temperature; Do not freeze
Keep away from children


The patients are contraindicated with known hypersensitivity to the drug or its any ingredients
Women are contraindicated who needed continues coumarin- type anticoagulant treatment
Women are also contraindicated with deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolus history.

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