Vandetanib is a biological therapy which belongs to targeted cancer drug and is also known by its brand name Caprelsa.
Caprelsa 300mg is a treatment for advanced medullary thyroid cancer. This means that the tumor can't be dispatched by surgery or has spread to other parts of the body.
Caprelsa is a prescription drug which is used under the guidance of medical practioners


Caprelsa 300mg is indicated for the treatment of symptomatic or progressive medullary thyroid cancer in patients with unresectable locally advanced or metastatic disease.


The usual dose of Caprelsa is 300mg administrated orally once daily until disease progression or unacceptable toxicity occurs Avoid crushing of tablets, disperse the tablet in 2 ounces of water by stirring 10 minutes approximately. Be careful, do not use other liquids for dispersion and swallow the medicine soon after dispersion, if any remaining residue with 4 additional ounces of water and swallow.
Th dispersion liquid can be administrated via nasogastric or gastrostomy tubes.

Mechanism Of Action

Caprelsa belongs to the group of cancer-fighting medications known as antineoplastic and more especially to a class of medications called receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors. These medications are anticancer medications whichreduce the development of blood vessels that feed nutrients to cancer cells. By reducing the growth of these blood vessels, Caprelsa can help decrease the size of tumours, which are collections of cancer cells. Caprelsa also acts directly on cancer cells to kill them or reduce the speed at which they grow.


Time to peak plasma concentration is 6 hr (range 4-10 hr) and steady state is 3 months
Bounding of plasma protein is 90% and volume of distribution is 7450L
Caprelsa 300mg is metabolized by CYP3A4.
The drug elimination through feces 44% and via urine collection period of 21 day after single dose.


Fatal skin reactions, containing Stevens-Johnson syndrome and serious toxic epidermal necrolysis resulted; systemic treatment such as corticosteroids may be needed; permanently stop therapy for severe skin reactions.
Interstitial lung disease (ILD), causes in death has been reported; interfere with Vandetanib and examine unexplained Dyspnea, cough, and fever; applicable measures should be taken for ILD.
Effective CYP3A4 inducers decreased exposure to Vandetanib by up to 40%; however, no clinically significant effect on exposure to Vandetanib was observed in the presence of the potent CYP3A4 inhibitors.
Can cause risk of fetal when administered to pregnant women; Do not get pregnancy while gettingVandetanib and for 4 months following treatment.
Ischemic cerebrovascular events, haemorrhage, heart failure, diarrhea, hypothyroidism, hypertension, and reversible posterior leukoencephalopathy syndrome, have been observed.

Drug interaction

While co administration with a strong CYP3A4 inducer will decreased Vandetanib plasma concentration. Hence avoid concomitant use of known strong CYP3A4 inducers during Caprelsa 300mg treatment.
When administrating Caprelsa 300mg with drugs that are transported by OCT2 will increased plasma concentration of metformin. When administering Caprelsa 300mg with digoxin will increased plasma concentration of digoxin.
Avoid concomitant use of Caprelsa 300mg with agents which may prolong the QT interval.


Caprelsa 300mg is embryotoxic and fetotoxic, due to pharmacological action treatment will causes harm to fetal when administered to a pregnant woman.

Side Effects

Abdominal pain, Poor appetite, Low white blood cell count, Kidney problems, Dry skin, Vomiting, Weakness, Irregular heart beat, Difficulty sleeping, Headache, Fatigue, Low blood sugar, Sensitivity to sunlight, Bleeding, Anemia, Bilirubin, Itching, Heartburn, Cough, Upper respiratory infection, Depression, Weight loss, Diarrhea, Rash, Elevated Liver Enzymes (ALT), Low calcium levels, Acne, High blood pressure, Nausea.

Missed Dose

If dose is missed, then take the dose as soon as possible before reach of next dose time or skip the missed dose and follow the normal schedule. Do not have extra dose which leads to over dosage. Avoid taking missed dose within 12 hours of the next dose. Consult the doctor about missed dose and overdose


Advise females not to breastfeed during treatment and for 4 months after final dose.


Caprelsa 300mg tablets should be stored at 250C.


Caprelsa 300mg avoid use in patients with congenital long QT syndrome.

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